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Review: The Jack and Triumph Show

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog is by far my favorite character from The Conan O’Brien Show.  Whether he’s covering the premiere of Attack Of The Clones or going to a  Bon Jovi concert, his brand of raw insult comedy has always cracked me up.  In 2012, Triumph teamed up with 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer


Mike Tyson Mysteries: Better In Theory

When the first trailer for Mike Tyson Mysteries hit the internet, I was extremely excited for it.  Completely out of context clips with Tyson, Jim Rash as a ghost, and Norm MacDonald as a talking pigeon had me on the floor laughing.  When put into context of an actual episode, it does


Review: Tim And Eric’s Bedtime Stories

Tim and Eric’s brand of humor is definitely an acquired taste.  Whether long form, like Tom Goes To The Mayor, or short-form, like the minute long skits of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job, the situations are always extremely bizarre and absurd.  Taking a turn at the horror genre, Tim and