Review: Tim And Eric’s Bedtime Stories

Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories

Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories

Tim and Eric’s brand of humor is definitely an acquired taste.  Whether long form, like Tom Goes To The Mayor, or short-form, like the minute long skits of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job, the situations are always extremely bizarre and absurd.  Taking a turn at the horror genre, Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories premiered last week on Adult Swim.

Each episode is self-contained, and a single long-form story.  The premiere episode, “Hole,” was about a man moving into the neighborhood and dealing with a creepy neighbor.  The show is not scary at all, nor is it meant to be.  Instead, Tim and Eric put their ridiculous comedic spin on the horror genre, going for their usual staples of jokes that go on too long on purpose or simply don’t make sense at all (making them funny).

The premiere episode was decent, but not Tim and Eric’s greatest work.  Being different stories every week, there is the potential for great and not so great episodes though, so I’m staying optimistic that, like most great shows, it takes a few episodes to find it’s footing and hit it’s stride.  If you’ve enjoyed Tim and Eric’s previous shows, you’ll probably get a kick out of this one as well.

Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories airs Thursday Nights (technically Friday mornings) at 12:15am on Adult Swim.

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