Mike Tyson Mysteries: Better In Theory

When the first trailer for Mike Tyson Mysteries hit the internet, I was extremely excited for it.  Completely out of context clips with Tyson, Jim Rash as a ghost, and Norm MacDonald as a talking pigeon had me on the floor laughing.  When put into context of an actual episode, it does not seem to have the same effect.

Mike Tyson Mysteries plays like a Scooby-Doo episode, complete with the same style of animation.  Mike and his team get mysteries solicited to them via pigeons, then go off to different places to solve them.  To make things as much Scooby-Doo as possible (without downright copying it), they even call their van The Mystery Mobile.

What I generally love the most about Adult Swim shows is that they make absolutely no sense, and don’t even try to.  It works really well when your main character is a talking milkshake, but when you make the main character a real person, those same types of jokes don’t seem quite as funny to me.  Mike Tyson is know for being really out there, but some of the stuff he says on this show is ridiculous even for him.

Since I fell behind writing this review, I actually have seen the first two episodes already.  The second episode was definitely better than the first, mostly because of Norm MacDonald’s pigeon getting some serious time in the spotlight.  I plan to keep the series on my dvr for a little bit, but do not consider Mike Tyson Mysteries “must-see tv” in the least.  If you’re already a fan of Adult Swim’s style of humor, you’ll definitely get a few laughs out of it at the least.

Mike Tyson Mysteries airs Mondays at 10:30pm on Adult Swim.

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