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iOrange-E Cable/Adapter Mega Review

I’m not usually one to go for expensive cables. As long as it meets spec, and has a decent connector, I’m pretty happy. But that’s the trick with USB-C right now. It’s new, and there are a lot of cables flooding the market that are not actually made to spec. It was


Game Review: Futurama: Game Of Drones

Sometime last year it was announced that a Futurama mobile game was on the way.  Being a huge fan of Futurama, I was very excited about this. While I had never personally played The Simpsons: Tapped Out, I had seen it in action, and was very interested in playing a Futurama game


A Week With the Pebble Time Round

In 2012, a Kickstarter launched for the Pebble watch. I wanted it immediately. The idea of having a watch that would send alerts from my phone was still novel at the time. The only smart watch I remember before this was the Microsoft MSDN watch, which didn’t run well and cost $60


A Week with the Nexus 5X

As I approached the end of my two year contract with Verizon, I started looking around at other phones. When I realized the subsidized two year contract phone no longer existed, I resolved to make my Galaxy S4 last as long as possible. And then I dropped it. (My Otterbox case was


App Review: Songza

I tend to go through phases where I just want to find some new apps. I’ll go through the “recommended” and “popular” categories in the app store to see what I can find. Most of the time, I’ll use them once or twice and then they’ll sit until I do a cleanup


Product Review: Microsoft Surface 2 RT

Disclaimer: I picked up a Surface 2 RT on my own, with no incentive from Microsoft. There are affiliate links throughout, because #FeedABlogger.  I didn’t really want to call this a review, because it doesn’t feel like a review to me. Or at least not a review the way we tend to


It’s Not About U2

Oh internet, how you go in phases. First, it was everyone (myself included) complaining about the U2 album showing up in their iTunes account. Now, it’s everyone complaining about people complaining about the U2 album showing up in their iTunes account. Personally, I’m glad that Apple decided to do this promotion with


Product Review: Creative Sound Blaster Roar

Disclaimer: I received the Creative Sound Blaster Roar for review purposes, which in no way colors my review. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon where I get a cut if you purchase it from there. #FeedABlogger When I first told Claire that Creative was going to send me their new wireless speaker for


Product Review: Sennheiser MOMENTUM Over Ear Headphones (And Giveaway)

Disclaimer: Sennheiser provided me with these headphones for review and giveaway, this in no way affected my review. The post does contain affiliate links, #FeedABlogger. Two weeks ago, tragedy struck. My beloved Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones died after five years of loyalty (which really is pretty amazing for a pair of $30 headphones). Since I was


Product Review: Otterbox Commuter Case

We’ve been over my klutzy tendencies again and again. So when I switched back to Android with the Samsung Galaxy S4, I knew I needed to make sure I had a good case. So I went with the g0-to for solidly built cases, Otterbox. But I’m also incredibly girly and didn’t want to