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5 on Friday (Leveling Up Edition): Tools to Make Your Health Goals Successful

As with any quest, it’s dangerous to go alone. It’s best to have some trusty tools with you as you head out. Your health journey is no different. Here are five tools to help every geek track their progress. 1. LoseIt! (iOS, Android, Web) – I tried three of the bigger name apps


5 on Friday: Products I’m Most Excited About From CES 2013

Is it just me, or has CES gotten a bit… boring this year? I really do not care about Smart TVs, 4k TVs, or OLED TVs. Ok, I just don’t care about TVs. Or iPhone cases, as seems to be the other big category. Pebble Watch – This is completely unnecessary, and


5 on Friday: Five Reasons I’m Glad to be Back on Android (And Five Things I Miss About iPhone)

Santa came early this year and delivered my husbands Galaxy S3 on Christmas Eve, giving me the luxury of switching from my busted iPhone to his old Galaxy Nexus before the post-Christmas rush. I’ve only had it a few days, but here are my initial thoughts on why I’m glad to be


So Long Instagram

Update – Instagram has released a statement clarifying that they will use your profile image, not the images you create, for advertising purposes and will be rewriting the TOS to make them more clear. Personally, I like the interface/features of Flickr better so I’m staying there for now.  There’s a lot of talk


R.I.P iPhone, Hello Android

I knew I was tempting fate, but I just couldn’t help myself. I left my iPhone naked and unprotected. Using it all the time without a case or care in the world. It’s not that I didn’t have a case handy. I actually had several. But I threw caution to the wind


Do We Need an App for That? Well, Sometimes…

Well a week has come and gone, and my app free experiment is complete. The answer is, as I had assumed it would be, “Depends on how good your mobile site is.” Facebook – I’m definitely sticking with the mobile site. It is more full featured (tagging in posts is easier, as


Do We Really Need an App For That?

Apps are the make-or-break item of smart phones and tablets. There is an app for everything and some of them are quite bad. There was a recent story out about how Facebook is trying to get its employees to use Android in hopes of making the Android Facebook app less awful. But