Back in November 2013, I wrote a post about how I really wanted to use my Xbox as a cable box. I use the device for streaming a ton of media anyway, and it’d be awesome to have everything on one device. Well now the FCC has voted to make cable companies use open standards for cable boxes.¬†We’re one step closer.

By making cable companies conform to an open standard, anyone could make a set top box that could get cable. Better yet, you might not even need a set top box, and the functionality would be in your TV. Remember when you could just plug the cable straight into your TV and watch? We could be there again!

This is one of those things that is good for consumers. It adds competition to the marketplace, and gives you the option of picking the device that fits your use case best. The proposed rule as entered the public comment period, meaning if this is a thing you want now is the time to speak up. You can read the full proposed rule here (PDF) and file your comment with the FCC here.


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