Roots & Wings

I’m baaaack! We’re finally homeowners! Homesteaders! We can paint with all the colors of the wind!

Ok maybe not, but after years of apartment bliss, we’ve finally put down roots. Much like people say something changes the moment you say “I do”, something palpable shifts when those keys finally change hands. Walls are painted, furniture is arranged, and slowly a life is built. It’s a weird feeling- like adulthood has finally arrived and I didn’t even know I was ready for it. Life becomes bigger- and smaller- at the same time. From the realization that you’ve landed somewhere indefinitely to trying to figure out when the hell garbage day is, life is forever changed in ways that haven’t even yet been realized.

I’ve always thought of myself as anew age gypsy- never wanting to stay somewhere too long, always longing for the next trip to unknown places. For years I was afraid that putting down roots meant clipping my wings. Buying a house is nothing compared to being a single mom, but for some reason it felt like a huge step towards something unknown. A whole new adventure that none of us knows what will bring. If I’ve learned anything in the past decade, it’s that the choices that seem the most insignificant often lead to the most significant results.

It’s time to have roots and wings. Only be being grounded will any of us really be able to fly.

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