Geek Fuel: Let your Geek Flag Fly

The world of box a month subscriptions is growing rapidly and Geek Fuel is the newest addition. Funded by a Kickstarter on November 20th, Geek Fuel comes in a $23.90 shipped per month. With a year-long subscription, the price is cut to $19.90 shipped and you get three mystery items.  (There are also three-month and six month subscriptions.) Check out what was inside:gee

Armor Hunters #1 by Valiant- I won’t spoil any of the story, but this fantastic first edition is not only action-packed, but gorgeous to look at with well done art and a fantastic shiny foil cover. Shiny! I like shiny. 🙂

Princes Bride Playing Cards Deck- This is probably my favorite thing in the box. The court cards are adorable, adorned with cute cartoons of the main characters. I’ll just fight the urge to throw them in the air while yelling “As you wiiiiiiiish”.

Halo Alpha Mega Bloks Minifigure- Everyone loves surprises, so while I’m not a big Halo fan, this little surprise minifigure is a fun addition to the Geekling’s block sets. Every Lego family needs a monster to fight!

Star Wars Pez Candy- I don’t care how old you get, Pez is awesome. The Geekling will have to fight me for this one.

Eye of Sauron poster- Perfect to decorate the geek kitchen! And who doesn’t need instructions for an edible Eye of Sauron.

Alpha Geek Fuel Graphic Tee- Limited edition! 13/300! And who doesn’t need more t-shirts?! Everyone needs more t-shirts.

With Loot Crate owning a large share of the geek box market, it will take time to see how Geek Fuel competes. With more competition comes more good stuff for geeks, so if you’re a box a month subscriber, so give Geek Fuel a try! One thing is for sure- an increase is geekiness in the world is directly correlated with an increase in awesome.

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