Once Upon A Time…

If you haven’t seen Once Upon a Time yet, why are you reading about it?! Spoilers ahead, obviously.


Once Upon a Time gets Frozen over!

It’s no secret that we love TV here at Pure Geekery. Good bad and everything in between, we’re TV fanatics. Right now, the Husband, the Geekling and I are loving Once Upon A Time. Disney Princesses, magic and a whole cast of fabulous fairy tale characters actually make for some pretty fun and dramatic television. Lost creators Adam Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have pulled in some of their old Lost cast and other famous faces to create something special. In all honesty, I wasn’t a huge fan of Lost (Gasp, yes I know) but these guys have talent.

The Geekling has been extra-glued to the screen this season because of the Frozen tie in. There have been an unending amount of complaints about selling out, bringing in characters just for views, etc. on the internet. I really couldn’t disagree more. Of COURSE tv shows are going to play to what viewers want to some extent, however Kitsis and Horowitz have played to the audience without sacrificing too much of their creativity. Elsa and Anna have been woven in to the Once Upon a Time world in a way that only made the story better. No one was better to help Emma learn to love and control her magic than the Queen of Arendelle herself. Anna and Kristoff provided some conflict and comedy. If anything, they lightened a show that has grown increasingly dark over the seasons. (Fun Fact- Anna was originally based off of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Who can’t love that?!)

When OUAT returns in the spring, Storybrooke will be facing a whole new danger: The Queens of Darkness. Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella Devil. While the Sea Witch and Maleficent have established magical powers, Cruella is more of a mystery. It’s rumored that in this incarnation, she will be a magical being with powers of her own and a 1920s theme. For a character that’s always been very one-dimensional, it will be interesting to see how she progresses over the rest of the season. And with Mr. Gold banished from Storybrooke by his wife Belle and more desperate for his happy ending than ever, evil may finally have the dream team they need to end up on the winning side.

Have you been watchingOnce Upon a Time this season? Where do you think this season is going?!

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