Forget it, I’m going skating.

When I stopped playing roller derby two years ago (has it really been that long?), there were several factors at play. The first was my job. I was missing too many practices, and not being “there” when I actually made it to practice. Another was my two best friends stopping. And lastly, was I was growing Pure Geekery.

Growing the blog was fun. I was meeting new people. We were getting more and more hits every month. I was always online and always promoting. I was thinking of it like a business. (Until I realized what all we’d have to do to make a decent income, and then it became a fun side project.) But four months ago everything on the internet turned sour. And now being online that much just isn’t fun. I’ve seen friends singled out. I’ve had acquaintances become dickish on my Facebook page whenever I link to a feminist post about what’s going on in our community. (Apparently I’m a fake gamer girl, and misandrist for the record). And while the comments aimed at me specifically are few and far between, and nothing dangerous, it still feels like there’s a kind of film of gross over everything right now. You don’t want to touch anything, you don’t want to get it on you.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to grow the blog and still want to interact. But I’m not dedicating nearly as much of my time to it as I was before. That, combined with my new job, has freed up a good chunk of my time. I’m going to attempt to play derby again. (If you’re local, the Circle City Derby Girls workshop starts in January. And for you boys, the Race City Rebels are always taking in new skaters.)

Some of you have been asking for my take on all of this nonsense that’s been going on. I guess this post is the long way of saying:

Fuck it, I’m going skating.

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