The Internet Isn’t Fun Anymore.

From the Ricky Gervais Facebook page.

From the Ricky Gervais Facebook page.

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten really tired of the internet. Maybe that’s a bit broad, I’ve really gotten tired of social networking.Which feels like all of the internet anymore. It’s getting increasingly negative, and it’s wearing me out. It’s really getting to the point that it’s not fun anymore.

For me to say that the social thing isn’t fun is a big deal. I’ve been on social networks longer than I haven’t at this point. Bolt, Xanga, Live Journal, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and a seemingly endless list of minor networks that never really took off. It’s been amazing to have places to share ideas, and through this sharing of ideas to analyze beliefs that I hold. But anymore, we’re not sharing ideas. We’re yelling at each other trying to convince everyone that our ideas are the right ones. That all other ideas are wrong. And that’s not helpful, and it’s not fun.

It’s not just the major web crusades that make me feel this way (although they don’t help). It’s the minor things too. It’s that when I post about an operating system, I get responses about how I got the wrong one and should have gotten something else. It’s when I post that a service doesn’t work for me (and why), I get responses saying “but why” when I’ve already explained it. It’s when every feed I have is overflowing with judgy, negative, nasty comments. It’s just…I’m over it.

There are still a few places that are fun. Places where most comments don’t start with “Well actually….” Mostly Instagram and Pinterest. Our little Pure Geekery Facebook group overall is just people having fun and sharing the nerdy stuff they find. I enjoy writing here, although the promotion is not fun.

So where do we go from here? I can be guilty of the negative posts, so I’m starting with me. I’m going to work on sharing articles that are less judgemental. Ones that aren’t “this is wrong and people who believe this way are assholes” but are more “here’s another way of looking at it.” And puppies. More pictures of puppies. (To start with, More Accurate Dog Breed Names, which a friend shared the other day and made me smile).

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