Life’s short. Talk fast.

Last month, women of my generation called off work, stocked up on junk food, and camped out in front of the TV to watch the Gilmore Girls. The tv gilmore-girlslovechild of Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of the fabulously named Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Gilmore Girls brought the antics and tribulations of the ridiculously close mother-daughter pair Rory and Lorelai Gilmore to our screen every night.

While the show only won 1 Emmy in its time and ratings slumped in the last season, its following has persisted almost a decade after its end. Whether you’re as focused and dedicated as Rory or fast talking and coffee guzzling like Lorelai (guilty!), Gilmore Girls permeated pop culture and TV history as a new classic. Just like we spent our childhoods visiting the doctors and nurses of MASH or the town of Mayberry, we can now sit down and revisit Stars Hollow on demand.

For me, Gilmore Girls was an hour’s respite from reality on Thursday nights. From the first notes of Carol King and Lorelai’s desperate begging for coffee, I was hooked. I saw my neighbors and friends in the crazy cast of character, and sometimes my own family in the Gilmore family’s struggles. As a single mom, I saw myself in Lorelai- independent, free-spirited, and determined to give me kid the best start in life, including an appropriate education in TV and movies. The fast talk and infinite pop culture references made each episode in to a puzzle waiting to be solved. Devoted fans like myself have tackled Rory Gilmore’s reading list and the Gilmore Girls movie list, in an effort to further our literary and pop culture education. We can’t forget Lane’s insane music collection either- all of my efforts to find a comprehensive list of music referenced on the show came up with nothing, but it’s a lot. And don’t even get me started on the never ending debate about who Rory should have ended up with *coughlogancough*, and the ability to say that you loved Melissa McCarthy BEFORE Bridesmaids. (Seriously people, she’s been funny for years.)

Whether you’re a Lorelai or a Rory, you grew up with the girls or you’re a new fan, there’s a place for Gilmore Girls in the hearts of every TV fan. Pop some popcorn, grab your red vines, brew a ridiculously large pot of coffee and sit down for a marathon with everyone’s favourite mother-daughter pair with your own version of the Stars Hollow crew. Life’s short. Talk fast.

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