Why I Love Living in Carmel


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I was going to write a post about how suburbs get a lot of unfair flack. But as I was looking through the Solid Gold Eats archive, I saw Sara’s post on why she loves living in SoBro. And I really like this method so much better. Because really, every part of Indy has something awesome about it.

Almost a year ago my husband and I moved into Carmel. We found an amazing house, and we both already worked in the area. And while the Carmel has it’s problems (such as, it’s trying too much to be a city instead of a suburb), I love living here.

1. The Monon Trail Greenway.

2. SoHo Cafe & Gallery. Half coffee shop, half art gallery. Located just off the above mentioned Monon Trail. And they let me in on my skates.

3. Really the entirety of Mohawk Place Monon Square. A brewery, coffee shop, and skate shop in one strip mall. Awesome.

4. Keystone Arts Cinema. It doesn’t get better than a theatre that offers humus in the snack bar, and has a proper bar. Not in Carmel, but a five minute drive away so I’m including it.

5. Ten minute drive to Broad Ripple. Most of the time if I’m going to Broad Ripple its to go to the record store or to get my hair cut. Either way, it’s nice to be close.

6. Roundabouts. I know a lot of people don’t like them, but not having to stop and burn gas at every intersection? Awesome. (Also, my car handles well so they’re fun.)

7. Three minute drive to work. I’d bike, but I come home for lunch and want the extra reading time.

8. Arts and Design District. There’s always something going on.

9. The restaurants in the Arts and Design District. Bubs, Bazbeaux, Woody’s Library Restaurant. Plus tons more.

10. The amount of independent restaurants throughout the city.

11. Quiet. So quiet.

12. Keystone. If I need to get into Indianapolis I can do so quickly and avoid 465.

13. Clay Terrace. A mix of your typical mall stores and independent/small shops. Plus, it’s nice to walk outside when shopping.

14. The Foolery. Records and comic books in one place!

15. Older subdivisions. Despite Carmel’s “McMansion” reputation, there are actually plenty of subdivisions from the 50’s-80’s that don’t feel like the track homes of the 90’s-today.

20. Trees. Trees everywhere.

21. Mayor Brainard actively opposed the gay marriage ban.

22. 9th in the nation for tech job growth. Since I work in tech, this is kind of a big deal.

23. Year round farmers market. (I’m never up and moving early enough to go, but I like knowing it’s there.)

24. Low crime rate.

25. Bike lanes and trails everywhere.

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