soldWell readers, I’ve been keeping a pretty big secret from you. I didn’t want to post anything until the papers were signed and everything was official. But our little suburban transitional sold! We started getting showings within the first hour of being on the market, and we received an offer after only five days. Certainly makes all the time I spent trying to find the right Realtor worth it.

Where to?

So now you’re thinking it’s time we double down on the house search right? Well, not only did we close on our home today, but we closed on the home we’re buying as well!

As soon as we accepted the offer on our current home, we put in an offer on the home we wanted. We ended up going with House #5: The Carmel Contemporary. While it’s not my dream mid-century modern home, it had too many other benefits that made up for it. The number one thing being location. See, one of the biggest problems we have with our current home is it’s just too freaking far away. The Carmel Contemporary is located close to where we work and play. It’s close to the Monon Trail so we can bike places easily as well.

Other than location, it had some other features we absolutely love as well. It has a pool, for one. It’s on a decent amount of land with a bit of privacy. It’s not in a subdivision. The layout is fantastic for entertaining. And it’s a story and a half, which is a layout I’ve always loved.

What’s Next?

Well, when I was planning this blog I was expecting being on the market for months not days. So I have several posts on the buying/selling process I’ll be posting for you. Plus, now that we’ve got the place, Atomic Living will become the DIY/Lifestyle blog that I intended it to be from the start. You’ll be with us as we yank up carpet, knock down walls, and decorate. After all, I’m going to be turning this contemporary into the modern I’ve always wanted.

Plus, as I find things that really work for us as far as keeping the place nice and cooking and all that fun stuff, I’ll be sharing that with you too. Is that thing on Pinterest really possible? We’ll find out.

I hope you’ll stick around for this journey with us.

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