This is my favourite kind of weather- warm, rainy, at the peak of leaf season with just the right smell of fall in the air. I love boots and sweaters and tumblr_mrvri3l5gN1rlxb6fo1_400haunted houses and apples and pumpkin everything and if that makes me sound a like a middle class white girl obsessed with Pinterest….well… then that would be fairly accurate.

Fall is the best time of year for both indoor kid and outdoor kid in me. Indoor Claire loves to curl up with a book and cider and enjoy being warm inside while it’s cool outside. Outdoor Claire loves hiking and leaf piles and using the Geekling as an excuse to jump in said leaf piles. (Oh who are we kidding? I have no shame and would totally do it alone. But it’s more fun with my mini me.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately. My own happiness project has forced me to think long and hard about what that word means. Happiness. I know, for me, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean more money. Or stuff. To me, happiness right now means time. Time with my friends and family, time to play through the ridiculous collection of games we’ve amassed. Time to read books and help the Geekling with her Star Wars Phonics books. Just time. It may be cliché, but during this season when everything starts to speed up towards the holidays, time becomes precious.

And that’s why I love October. It’s the calm before the holiday storm. It’s cool and warm hugs, tricks AND treats. It’s smelling leaves and forest hikes. October is time in a bottle. And that’s a precious thing.


Image Source: Nina the Writer

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