Are We Asking Our Phones to Do Too Much?

There has to be some middle ground between this guy and one device.

There has to be some middle ground between this guy and one device.

In the midst of the iPhone 6 announcement, Apple quietly discontinued the iPod classic. It was only a matter of time really. So few people use stand alone MP3 players anymore, that it can’t be profitable for Apple to still make the device. And with 128GB iPhones available, people don’t even go for the storage argument anymore. After all, who wants to carry around multiple devices?

I do. I’m starting to wonder if we’re getting to the point that we’re asking our phones too much. It’s a camera, it’s a computer, it’s a media player, it’s a phone. And to get all of that in a slim, attractive package we’re sacrificing quality. A phone will not play music or take photos as well as a music player or a camera. The iPhone does these best in my opinion, but it’s not as good of a computer as an Android phone (I haven’t tried iOS 8 yet, so maybe that’ll change my mind.) Even then, the iPhone doesn’t play music as well as my iPod.

I’m new on the separate gadget bandwagon. After I started collecting music and using the download cards, I started enjoying how much easier it was just to put the files on my iPod Nano and take them to work that way. No longer did silly things with work interfere with my music quality (software testing can take a lot of bandwidth and processing power, degrading the Spotify stream). I also recently picked up a point-and-shoot camera. And I’m enjoying that too. I can take high quality photos, with crazy zoom, easier than I could with my phone.

Of course, it’s easier for me to carry multiple gadgets. I carry a purse, and have room in it to carry these things. (I’m really surprised with phones and tablets that the man bag hasn’t taken off though.) And photos and music are both important enough to pay for another device, and carry it. It may not be worth it for you. But with Samsung investing in their Galaxy Camera line, and Sony reintroducing the stand alone Walkman, and the hype around Pono, I get the feeling I’m not the only one. So if you have an old MP3 player laying around (don’t we all) give using it again a test run. You might realize you’re happier with it too.

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