Claire’s Happiness Project: Putting it all together

These days I feel like the Roman goddess Iustitia: Blindfolded, armed, and barely able to keep my scales balanced. I have no idea how I got here, where Happiness ProjectI’m going, or how to keep myself from completely losing my mind. But, hey, all it’s all in a day work, right?

I honestly can’t tell you how long I’ve been doing this happiness project..around a year? (I could look it up, but I’m too lazy right now.) And I can honestly say it has been and continues to be a good experience. However, there’s one aspect of happiness this project has been light on: balance. In reality, I’ve thought a lot about happiness in different aspects of my life, but not much about putting them together. While I’ve Blogging, parenting, working, and making time for family and friends are all starting to build up. Without balance, the Happiness Project will have all been for naught.

Now that I’ve rejoined the world of the working (and the jury’s still out on my opinion of that), the next step is to focus on balance. I may feel like I’m diving blind in to this work thing, but life will be a whole lot better if I am happy with the rest of my life. Getting up early to do some yoga or spending an hour hiding toys and playing “hot and cold” with the Geekling may seem like little thing, but they can make a big difference in overall mental health. Finding the time to write, play, and workout with my family and alone seems more daunting than it is. It’s time to knuckle down and put this last year of reflection together. If I don’t do it now, it won’t get done. And then I’ll go crazy.

And I’m not crazy.

My mother had me tested.


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