Product Review: Happy Cow Leather Hip Bag

Disclaimer: I was given a Happy Cow Leather Hip Bag for review.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved Burn Notice and Fiona’s style. And hands free purses. And one day she took to Google to search for Fiona’s
fabulous hip bags and stumbled upon Happy Cow, an Australian company that produces quality leather and mixed material bags and ships them worldwide and specifically produces Fiona’s fabulous hip bag seen on Burn Notice. Seriously, my bag came in 2 days from DSL. Best. Service. Ever. All of their leather is recycled from furniture makers, making their products not only stylish, but more sustainable than your average leather bag. (You hear that SPEA friends? I said sustainable! I know you love sustainability.)HipBagClosed

Because of the fantastically fast shipping, I received my bag with plenty of time to try it out before San Diego Comic Con. The bag came shipped in a fabulous cloth bag to protect it in storage, which is a plus for nice leather that is stored in close contact with other items. (Translation: I have a lot of purses and little storage space.) I ordered a Small, as I was on the upper end of the small measurements and thought the leather may stretch a bit with wear. Because of this the belt strap was tight as first, and I was a little worried about the fit. After a few weeks of daily errands and trips to places such as the zoo, the bag was holding up extremely well and the waist strap had stretched enough that I was comfortable with the fit.

Then came comic con! After a few friends’ concerns about space, I was a bit worried whether I would be able to fit everything in the bag and carry it comfortably for 4 days. Not to fear! My brave little hip bag served me faithfully all four HipBagOpendays, fitting a camera, wallet, phone, lipstick, and some small items and tickets collected throughout the day. It was comfortable, though I would recommend running the belt strap through your belt loops if you’re packing the bag full, as it makes a serious difference in weight distribution and back comfort. Not only did it look fabulous, but I didn’t have to worry about losing my purse when I stopped at a booth or panel over the weekend.

Overall, I give the Happy Cow Leather Hip Bag a 10/10. It’s durable, comfortable, and a fashionable alternative to the dreaded fanny pack. I would recommend sizing up if you’re on the border of a size, even though there will be a little stretching of the leather. If you want to check these bags out online, click here! Happy shopping!



Hip bags go well with Hello Kitty 🙂

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