Nothing but the rain.

There’s nothing I like better than a warm summer storm. There’s something about the dark skies and rolling thunder that make me feel like life is tumblr_m53pcckK7U1qzzh6gstarting over again. It’s exciting and enlivening- my favourite kind of weather. (There are probably some deep psychological issues there I need to explore, but I digress.) After two years of grad school hell, it’s only fitting that I begin my journey with a literal renewal.

I don’t know where I’m going from here or where it will take me. Once upon a time, that might have stopped me. I might have given up, taken the easy path out, and settled in to a life of predictability. While I do appreciate the “good” (bills paid on time, my family to come home to, etc.), I’m ready to push-off in to the exciting. I don’t know what that means to me. I know that while I want a good job, it doesn’t have to be in my degree area. Maybe I’ll be using my degree in volunteer work rather than to pay the bills. All I know is that I want to work every day with people who make life entertaining, no matter what we’re doing. (I find myself picturing Dunder-Mifflin.)

It’s the time of year for renewal. So to my fellow searchers I wish good luck. Take risks. Trust yourself. Believe in your future.

It’s going to be fabulous.


Pic Credit: Bright Wall/Dark Room

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