Claire’ Top Five Things on the Internet: Brain Dead Grad Student Edition

Hello friends. I’ve missed you all while I’ve been hiding in my textbook fort, living off Easter candy and cheap beer, the only light radiating from my gradschoollaptop screen. But the end is in sight! In 1.5 weeks, you can all officially call me Master. [A title I will strictly enforce 😉 ] So what keeps a poor struggling  half sane (if she’s lucky) grad student from completely slipping over the edge?

Ridiculous things on the internet of course.

5. Celebrities suck at Photoshop. And Joel McHale and the Soup team never fail to make me giggle when my brain has become the consistency of Jello.

4. This trailer for the Godzilla movie. Because Godzilla. How could this ever go wrong?

3.  This really cool aerial video of NYC by Randy Scott Slavin totally makes me feel like Spiderman.

2. I’m setting aside a whole week for relaxing after I’m done with school. These blackberry salted caramel brownies are at the top of my list.

1. And of course, the most important news of the day- the new Star Wars cast was released today. Confession this if what I wanted to write about today, but my brain is too fried to give it the attention it deserves. Look for a full dissection of the topic coming later in the week.

Bonus: Have you ever heard of lol my thesis? If not check it out. Hours of grad school hilarity. Because if we can’t laugh at our theses, what’s the point in writing them?

Picture Credit: quickmeme

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