Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet

I’m leaving for vacation this week! Yay! Inevitably, I’ve left all my family’s packing until the last minute, so that means it’s AWESOME INTERNET VIDEO WEEK. That’s right, this week my posts will be your one stop shop for entertainment and office procrastination. Let the games begin.

5. Chilean artist Ivan Navarro has an art installation of water towers in Madison Square Park in NYC. Seems weird right? All the best art is.

4. Hello Giggles’ nails of the day posts always give me nail envy. Check out these Van Gogh nails! Talk about talent on a tiny canvas!

3. How I Met Your Mother is ending in 2 weeks! Is anyone as sad as I am about this? To cure your end of series blues, check out this video of the cast singing “Lets Go to the Mall” at SDCC 2013.

2. Last week I posted about my procrastination love for Screen Junkies. Another Youtube channel ripe for procrastination pickins’ is Cinema Sins. Their snarky commentary about movie continuity problems keeps me laughing all the way through finals week. So, because I can’t believe Twilight made it past a real publisher, check out “Everything wrong with Twilight in 6 minutes or less”.

1. It’s no secret that I love hockey. (Go Wings!) And as a hockey lover, I love hockey fights. Hockey isn’t hockey without fights. Check out this St. Patty’s day brawl between the St. Louis Blues and the Winnipeg Jets. A good old-fashioned hockey moment if I’ve ever seen one!


My hobby- screwing with people’s minds daily. I’m happy XKCD is here so I don’t feel alone. 😀

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