Ban bossy? How about we embrace it.

I was going to write about something completely different today, but then I came across this:

Yep. A PSA to ban the word “bossy”. And while some of the women in that video are fantastic role models (Condi, Jane- I love you both!), this is yet another case of political correctness and pseudo-feminism gone WAY. TOO. FAR. These silly fluff pieces drown out the important stuff out there- anyone checked out what’s going on in Venezuela? How about Crimea and the Ukraine? I hear there’s a missing Malaysian airline out there. Hell, there are kids in our own country that need our help and attention every damn day. But yeah, the word bossy is a big issue in society. #firstworldproblems

Now, don’t think I’m discounting the fact that words and the actions that support them hurt. I have first hand experience with the fact that they do. (I was put in trash cans in high school. True story.) However, I was taught not play the victim; to take those words and the hurt and turn it around into something positive that made me the strong woman I am today. Was it easy? No. Was it always bunnies and rainbows and fuzzy little unicorns? Don’t make me laugh. But that’s part of growing up. That’s part of learning that life sucks and some people are mean no matter what and that you can turn a negative into a positive. My motivation to succeed in world domination has come just as much from the haters as it has from those who have supported me. Banning silly words like bossy because “it keeps women from being leaders” isn’t encouraging girls to be strong. It’s encouraging them to play the victim in inappropriate situations, taking away attention from women and men who are true victims, who need help and support and PSAs.

Instead of banning the word, how about the we teach girls to embrace it. Take the power behind the word and own it- use it to propel themselves forward in a positive way rather than allowing it to hold them back. Focus their energy on lifting themselves up, not letting words hold them back. From a girl who’s been there, who has had words and life kick her in the face more times that she could possibly count, I have to tell you- these “campaigns” aren’t helping. They aren’t creating a generation of strong capable female leaders, they aren’t encouraging women to be leaders in society. We have to change our rhetoric before our supporters change the channel.

P.S. Anyone who thinks “Eat the cake Anna Mae” is an acceptable song lyric isn’t a role model for girls. I’m looking at you Beyonce.

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