5 on Friday: Geeky Flasks

It may not seem like it right now for most of the country, but spring IS coming. And spring means Spring Roll, my favorite derby event of the year. Spring Roll is a yearly derby tournament hosted by the Fort Wayne Derby Girls that features several men’s bouts. And since I’ve made no secret of my love of men’s derby, and the boys who play it, I look forward to it every year. Plus, it has the added bonus of since it’s mostly men’s teams, the girls get to drink. Which means it’s time to get a new flask for the event. While looking around etsy I found these awesomely geeky flasks.

mocking_jay_flaskMocking Jay Flask

Stick it to the Capitol you’re on with this mocking jay flask from the Wickensnuffers etsy shop. It’s somewhat high maintenance because it’s made from wood vannier, but that’s part of what gives it a very cool and unique look.


star_wars_flaskStar Wars Poster Flask

I love the vintage Star Wars posters. They’re iconic and detailed in a way movie posters just aren’t any more. ArtTasty on etsy has scaled and wrapped the image around a simple metal flask for your drinking pleasure. The shop also has matching cigarette cases if that’s your thing.


mega_man_flaskMega Man Energy Cell Flask

I don’t really get how alcohol belongs in an energy cell, but I’m going to allow it. I really like the Mega Man energy cell stuff and the shininess of the flask really adds to the whole look. I found this one in the AthenasWink shop on etsy.


deathly_hallows_flaskDeathly Hallows Flask

I love the sleek look of all the flasks in the ZippoPro etsy shop. The matte black with engraving just looks good. But, this Deathly Hallows one is one of my favorites. I think the simplicity of the icon just pops against the back background. The shop also has matching lighters if you’re so inclined (but don’t mix the two, that’d be a disaster).

tardis_flaskTARDIS Flask

This one, like the mocking jay one, is high maintenance because it’s made of leather. But it’s beautiful. And amazing. And with any luck, bigger on the inside. The TARDIS flask is available from the jovleather etsy shop.

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