5 on Friday: Non-Valentines Valentines Celebration!

I’m an unashamed holiday fanatic Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, Fourth of July and Halloween; hell,love I’ll even put on a beard and top hat for Presidents’ Day. With all this holiday love, it’s no surprise that I don’t shy away from the hearts and flowers and ridiculously mushy love of Valentine’s Day. However, I prefer to infuse my cupid-heavy holidays with a little weird creativity, along with flowers and chocolate strawberries. With that, I give you my top five non-Valentine’s Valentine’s celebrations that won’t break the bank.

1. Zombie movie marathon- Why not cuddle up with your favourite companion and celebrate your mutual love of zombies? Our personal favourite is the original Evil Dead, but there are any number of combinations that can make this night one to remember. Don’t forget to whip up a batch of Cheryl’s Revenge cookies to accompany your evening. (I actually make these all the time, they’re pretty amazing! 4 stars)

2. Superhero movie night- If brains aren’t on your Valentine’s menu, try a superhero night. Any of your top superhero picks has a good combo of romance and action. Need something sweet for the movie? Make some cookies with these Marvel Cookie cutters! (I have these myself, they’re fantastic and allow for a lot fo decorating detail if you’re so inclined.)

3. Family Game Night- If you have a few geeklings in tow and your night is more of a family affair, why not introduce them to gaming? The new Super Mario WiiU is pretty fun, or classics such as Life and Settlers of Catan guarantee a night of fun. (The Geekling is a fan of Catan Jr.) Pile all the candy in a communal bowl, throw on your favourite family movie and teach the kids that love means no mercy in gaming. 🙂

4. Do something silly. Something that’s special to only you as a couple. I don’t really have anything specific for this one, but taking the time to step back and remember why you make each other smile is worth something. Food for this one? Whatever makes you happy.

5. This last one isn’t a suggestion, but a bit of advice. I spent a lot of my college years hating on today. It sucks, it’s stupid, loving someone should be 365, not one day a year. But I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing wrong with today. You can celebrate a relationship, or a friendship, or yourself. Hating on love didn’t make me any happier. You put out in to the world what you get in to it. So no matter who you’re with tonight, put some happiness out there. It’ll come back to you- of that I’m sure.

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