Claire’s Happiness Project: Winter is coming. And it’s never going to leave.

I love snow. Fluffy white snow, sledding, snowmen, hot spiked drinks, and watching the Geekling attempt to make snow angels is what make winter great. Love snow, but I”m a firm believer that the polar vortex should retreat to the great white north come new years day.

The week of 1/11 in Indiana. Photo from WTHR.

The week of 1/11 in Indiana. Photo from WTHR.

Born and raised in the Midwest, I’ve spent the last two days giggling over the southern states’ french toast shopping spree because there’s the POSSIBILITY that you may get a couple inches of the white stuff. (But seriously, slow down on the roads because people are wrecking like crazy down there. Be safe southern friends!) Meanwhile, we’re two feet deep up here and with no end in sight (and no Throne of Swords to observe my people), I’m running out of ways to beat the winter blues.

Nevertheless, January is coming to a close and February is upon us. For my happiness, I will spend the month celebrating love and hearts from my warm TARDIS blanket, counting down the days to bikini season. Soon enough it’ll be 90 out and we’ll have a whole other kind of electric bill to complain about. And that’s something to be happy about.

(However, if that stupid groundhog sees his shadow on Sunday, me and Galactus [our angry 20lb cat] are going to pay him a visit. You heard me groundhog. Early. Spring.)

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