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With my crazy grad school schedule and budget, the Fiance and I are often looking for cheap ways to spend the weekends. When the dragons are defeated, dungeons emptied, and cheap beer is long gone, tv and movies are the next logical step. The Fiance discovered HitBliss a while back and they have recently up since I’m fighting off a migraine and a pile of homework as vicious as Sauron on a Monday, check out his review from his blog, Hipsterminia, below.

Tech You’ve Never Heard of: HitBliss

Since I’m sure you don’t know about this bit of software you can read my original review here, but I’ll give you the rundown to save you time.  Hitbliss is a program that lets you earn money (we’ll call them Hitbucks) for viewing ads which you can then use your Hitbucks to purchase episodes of TV shows or rent movies.  It does have a problem is being limited to only $6 Hitbucks (raised from the $5 since the orginal review) but you earn fairly quickly so it’s not a big deal.  Now since my last review Hitbliss has added two things that make it must have program now. First, they let you purchase a Pandora subscription (even though Pandora has lost ground to Spotify it’s still a great service and being able to get it ad free for just a few minutes of your time a month is pretty good).  The second and most recent addition is being able to purchase videos from Amazon, yes I know you didn’t know that Amazon had videos.

There are still a few annoying things- you’re limited to only three Amazon purchases a day, although that limit does not apply to movie rentals, but between Amazon and Hitbliss you can find something to waste time on. The last time I used the program the ads kept rotating; Now the ads end and you’re told there are no more ads to view which is easily rectified by clicking on view ads again allowing them to reload.  The biggest problem is that most, if not all, of Amazon’s collection is available in SD .the HD selection is limited but hopefully that’ll change soon.

Even with the three purchases per day limitation for Amazon, Hitbliss is a must have program to increase your digital library. Go download it now or use my referral link so I can earn $2.

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