Claire’s Random Things on the Internet: Weirdness in Politics Edition

It’s cold and snowy here in Indiana and that means one thing: lots of time to scour the net for awesome. This includes a heavy rotation of political and news websites; My life goal is to become C.J. Cregg from West Wing. (I do an awesome version of “The Jackal”).

In that spirit, here are the top 5 things weird things that happened in politics on the internet this week (except #4, but ti was too hilarious not to include):

1. I’ve been watching these videos of politicians reading mean tweets about themselves on repeat. You can’t deny that Chuck Schumer has a great delivery and Paul Ryan’s blue blue eyes are quite striking. Representative Swalwell is hands down the best. If you’re listening sir, I’m graduating with my masters in public affairs in May and would love to help you keep track of who says what.

2.Mitt Romney danced gangam style. I’m not sure what else I can say about that.

3.This next video combines my 2 favourite news-related shows: The Five and The Daily Show. Who knew The Five was all about love?

4. Speaking of Greg Gutfeld, does anyone still watch Red Eye? No? Just….Just me? Well, here’s an oldie but goodie: Gutfeld interviews everyone’s favourite alien Oderus Urungus. (Not suitable for children or those with a delicate constitution.)

5. Moving to the realm of foreign politics, check out this Winter Olympics ad narrated by Charles Dance (aka Tywin Lannister). Talk about cutthroat competition…..


For those of you who missed the West Wing reference, I give you: The Jackal.


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