Claire’s Top 5 Things on the Internet (this week)

The Internet Gods have gifted us with some amazing things this week. Let us pay homage to the creme de la creme of internet awesomeness.

1. Han and Leia sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” while Luke freezes on Hoth (And it’s the doubleclicks and Kirby Krackle. Instant Awesome)

2. Scientists invent the perfect coffee mug that keeps your coffee at the right temperature for hours. Perfect for those of us who put our coffee down at work and then spend 30 min trying to find it again.

3.I’m going to start doing this at work. XKCD gives me the best ideas. 😀

4. I will be spending my break building this.

5. And more gingerbread awesomeness. Some of these show serious pastry talent people.


And for a bonus:

Funko is making 6 inch Firefly figures.


Now stop procrastinating and get out there and finish your Christmas shopping! (I haven’t even started)

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