Girl Power: Bringing back class with sass

Jennifer Lawrence is the girl that everyone wants to be best friends with- she’s self-deprecating, talented, and has a healthy lawrence13f-3-webperspective on Hollywood life. She recently stated in an interview that while everyone is free to do their own thing, “It [sex] is a part of the entertainment industry that sells,” she said. “For some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more.”

Our girlfriend Jen has a point, you know. The sluttiness in pop culture has reached a recent peak, what with Miley Cyrus barely being able to cover her lady parts and Lady Gaga pantomiming oral sex with R. Kelly on SNL. A great divide is forming between those who think a little mystery is sexy and those who want to lay it all out there for the world to see. Girl power is no longer synonymous with equality and the Ya-Ya Sisterhood- it’s come to mean “do what we wnat without consequences”. And that’s a dangerous message.

Look Gaga and Miley, I get it. You’re “artists”. You’re breaking down walls, destroying norms and doing what you do. (At least Gaga was at one point- Miley is another sad Disney star gone off the rails.) Honestly? You’re boring me. Your antics are no longer shocking or ground breaking. You’re more likely to induce a yawn or a confused eyebrow raise than excitement. You’ve crossed that line from avant-garde to desperate ladder climbing pop stars willing to do just about anything to keep warm by that spotlight.

Look, I like my music controversial. I don’t mind ridiculous lyrics and a catchy beat. Katy Perry = Instant Dance party. And she’s no stranger to suggestive lyrics and cupcake bras. But the difference between stars like Katy, Lily Allen, and Lana Del Rey is not their suggestive lyrics, but their stage presence. You can be sexy (and hell, a little fun and controversial) without taking your clothes off all the time and twerking on a children’s toy. Nude shoots for magazines? Awesome- if tastefully done. (I’m looking at you Billy Ray- ew.) The body is art. I get it. But some have crossed the line into porn. Let’s bring back some class in our pop. A little mystery is sexy.

While she’s clearly not judging anyone for their artistic choices, Jennifer Lawrence has clearly made a conscious choice on what kind of role model she wants to be. And for that, I’m grateful.

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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