Claire’s Happiness Project: Wedding Planning Calm

I have a deep dark, pop-culture guilty pleasure: I love wedding shows. Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress, Four Happiness ProjectWeddings- if it’s on Bravo or TLC, I probably watch it. I see as grown up Disney movies- completely unrealistic for those of use who think spending $100,000 on a party is insane, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch. (And lets be honest, I would spend $100,000 if I had the money. I would also be the craziest rich person ever, but that’s beside the point.)

The Fiancé gives his cursory eye rolls and comments about the insane price tags, but I don’t care. One thing I’ve began to really love is being girly. I work in a very testosterone heavy environment (one of 3 girls in the office, and I’m often the only one there), and I’ve decided to embrace the girly girl inside. However, I will not embrace the inner Bridezilla.

I’ve mentioned before about zen being the key to My Happiness Project. Finding the calm in the storm of every day life has gone a long way to helping me be a better mom, (future) wife, student, and friend. I used to laugh at those don’t sweat the small stuff cliché’s and my mom’s Pollyanna attitude (still drives me nuts Mom! I love you!) but these days I’m seeing the wisdom in a chosen calm. Because that’s what happiness is- getting up every day and choosing that I will be happy no matter how much the world sucks that day. And the world can suck a lot sometimes.

I’ve found that this is most important in wedding planning. I constantly have this tornado of bridal crazy swirling around in the back of my head demanding all of my time and sanity, but I have to say no. That’s another important key to my happiness: it’s ok to say no.

Be Zen.

Say no.

And when that doesn’t work, Nicole has been put in charge of beating back the Bridezilla. Because without awesome friends, My Happiness Project wouldn’t be possible. 😀

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