Where has the good music gone?


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In a world filled with “stars” desperately seeking attention like Miley and her creepy-ass teddy bears, Lady Gaga literally begging for applause, Justin Bieber doing whatever the hell he thinks is music these days, and Robin Thicke and his sorry excuse for boring music that’s apparently the hit of the summer (??@#$#@^%?!!!!), I fear turning on my radio. It’s 2013, the 40th anniversary of Beatlemania and where are? On the boring express, destined for Celebrity Rehab station.

Yes musicians have always been crazy. They had their drugs, and their groupies, and their truly hilarious VMA antics (compared to the ridiculous “LOOK AT ME I ENJOY SEX” fiasco this year) and they were entertaining. But they also had something that stars these days haven’t got: talent. In the world of sparkly Disney-factory distractions (seriously, Demi Lovato is a JUDGE of talent?! The only thing I would let her judge is the functional capability of an autotune machine) we’ve lost sight of true rock and roll glory. The indie scene is pretty good right now, and there are a few new country songs out that i like, but rock has been absent for way too long. I’ve been forced to return to my 80s and 90s staples for my rock fix My favourite alt. radio station turned in to “best new music”- aka Top 40 + Nirvana (not new, but it’s for the kids who need a little education) and I’ve been left with a hole in my radio dial.

I’m desperate for some truly good new rock. Something to turn up during housecleaning or to teach the Geekling how to headbang. The classics are great, but it’s time to give these young-uns something real to cut their music teeth on. It’s time for them to learn what rock and roll really is from a whole new generation of musicians.

Come on music world- ditch your sparkly talentless autotune queens…stop letting Nickleback record ANYTHING, and bring me some good music!!!!! I want the 21st century answer to the Runaways, Nirvana, The Who and Rolling Stones. But don’t forget to keep some of the classics in the jukebox, because it’s always good to know where you came from.

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