Top 5 on the Internet This Week

There were some interesting things on the internet this week- Check my top 5:

5. This Buzzfeed article ranking J.D. Salinger characters by dateability. Anyone who knows my Holden Caufield rant knows how gald I am he wasn’t number 1. (It’s a good book, but he’s a little shit.)

4. Also in literary awesomeness, if historical figures wrote autobiographies…

3. This makes me sad, but the employee resonse gets it a spot on the list. DC continues to dig themselves into a hole by banning the marriage of Batgirl and her girlfriend. The creative team mysteriously left, “citing creative differences.” Lets hope it’s solidarity. Get with the program DC.

2. Killer shotgun shells made from…Legos???? Iknow what’s going in my zombie apocalypse kit now.

1. I’m addicted to Florence and the Machine’s “No Light No Light.” Blame the Warehouse 13 season finale. (I’ve been watching a lot of WH13 this week 😀 )


And a bonus!

Darth Vader playing the Star Wars theme on the bagpipes while riding a unicycle.

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