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Fandoms United“Why are ‘fandoms’ so important to you? Why are they a big deal?”

As a geek girl, I get that a lot. Usually something along the lines of “You’re almost 30, shouldn’t you be over Batman by now?”, implying that my love for comics, or the Doctor, or Star Wars means I’m less mature than the average bear. Usually I shrug off these comments with an eye roll and a link to XKCD. Most people are being judgey and I don’t like to gratify their crap attitude with a response. However, after Thursday’s post, a good friend asked me just that. And it made me think about a serious answer.

Why do I love my fandoms? There are two big reasons (and a thousand smaller ones I can’t put in to words):

1- As a pretty nerdy teenager and only child, they were my sanctuary. After a long day of being teased for carrying a large stack of books, getting put in trash cans and peeling my vintage metal lunch box off the pavement after a “friend” ran over it with his car (I wish I was making this shit up), I would retreat to my books and tv shows. Inside their pages I traveled with Gulliver, attended Hogwarts, fell in love with Mr. Darcy, and experienced the terror of the Lottery. I traveled time and space with the Doctor, eagerly waiting for the sound of the Tardis to take me away. I fought the Empire with the Rebels and celebrated our victory. Fandoms were and are the place where I belong.

2- It’s FUN! Thousands of people loving and celebrating the same thing! What could be better?! Fandoms allow people around the world to make connections they wouldn’t otherwise be able to make. That’s who I love conventions so much- they’re a fabulous example of how our similarities vastly outweigh our differences on this planet.

Fandoms are the glue that holds us together. They teach us that it’s ok to be different, to accept who we are, and that good triumphs over evil. And that is why I love and cherish my fandoms and my fellow members. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a place where I belong.

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