SDCCConfession: I never went to SDCC when I lived in the area. I would have liked to go, but tickets are expensive, the crowds are insane, and the competition to get in to the best panels is fierce.

That seems a little weird doesn’t it? The outcast nerds and geeks of the world, coming together to fight over who gets excluded from celebrity panels. Seriously? As the ones who were excluded in elementary school, junior high, high school (undergrad, grad school, and that semester abroad in Norway), you would think we’d know better. Now I know SDCC and other cons have become huge and grown beyond their roots, but you get my point. We should know better. The condescension and bragging over who got in to Hall H and who didn’t has got to stop. I’m not saying SDCC isn’t awesome (I would love to go eventually), but no one should make you feel less of a fan for not going.

So this weekend, let us know what you’re doing with the hashtag #NotatComicCon. And if you’re there, let us know what awesome stuff you’re doing, because we think you’re awesome too!

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