Lessons from a Movie Lover


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I have been really behind on my movies. Usually I’m game for midnight showings, I see everything the weekend it comes out, and I’m super pumped for anything shiny and new at the theater. Unfortunately, with moving and internship, and you know, life, lately I’ve been behind on my weekly dose of hollywood. So the Fiance and I have taken it upon ourselves to catch up on everything we’ve missed.

Movies have the power to turn me in to a starry-eyed six-year-old every time the lights dim and the hush (hopefully) falls over the audience (Unless you see Great Gatsby in a theater full of teenagers who sound like they wouldn’t know which side of a book is up. Then you spend the entire movie crying for humanity and picturing F. Scott Fitzgerald rolling in his grave. But I digress.) I spent my afternoon in Smallville, with Lois and Clark and the old familiar gang that used to keep me company alongside Bob Barker and Adam West when I was home sick from school. I have a special place in my heart for Superman, who taught me that it’s ok to be different and look nerdy, and love to write. And sometimes, people aren’t ready for who you are, and that’s ok too. You can’t always be honest with everyone around you, but you can be honest with your self. And sometimes you make mistakes, and sometimes people get hurt, and sometimes the only choices you have suck. But that’s ok. Life isn’t always super. It isn’t always easy. And as much as people suck sometimes, they’re worth all the trouble.

Movies these days have become humanity’s way of preserving folklore. They’re how we pass on legends, teach lessons, and preserve our values. Movies are an amazing, beautiful thing if you think about it. They are the product of hundreds of people with a vision, coming together to bring that vision to life in an effort to reach out and connect with others. We go to movies to share an experience with others- the same reasons we go to concerts, theater, and even read the same books. To share, to connect, and to understand why life happens the way it does. And that’s why I love going to the movies.


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