My Happiness Projects: Choosing Joy

IMG_2460My Happiness Project has been tested lately- more than one major issue with customer service at my gym and my school have made tense, angry, and basically without patience for anything. It’s time like these where I struggle to remember that daily happiness is a choice. I can choose to be weighed down by those who would wish me ill, or I can move on and make the choice to be happy.

Some days this isn’t an easy choice. I wasn’t happy every minute yesterday, but that’s ok. Every time I felt unhappy or frustrated I tried to remind myself that while I couldn’t control anyone else’s emotions or choices, I could damn well control mine and I wasn’t going to let the jerks in financial aid ruin my entire day. MY happiness is MY choice whether it’s an easy day or not. And given the choice between joy and anger, I choose joy every time. Seriously, who wants to walk around angry all the time anyway?

Choosing joy is something I’ve struggled with in the past, and I am still working on for the future. But just the fact that I’m aware of my choices is a step in the right direction.

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