More Amazon Original Pilots!

Since I’m on a break between school and my internship, I took some time to watch some more Amazon Original Pilots. I love tv, and I especially love original shows- bring on the awesome!


Dark Minions- Created by Kevin Sussman and John Ross Bowie (better known as Stuart and Barry Kripke from The Big Bang Theory), Dark Minion follows two typical paper-pushing slacker employees…… of an intergalactic warship. They accidentally volunteer for a reconaissance mission and end up befriending some “rebels”, setting in motion what is sure to be a hilarious, yet predictable set of events. The stop motion animation is good and I will be interested to see it all in stop motion if Dark Minions is picked up (right now it’s partially stop motion and partially a storyboard with voiceover). I would definitely keep watching, Sussman and Bowie are hilarious and while the script is a bit predictable, it makes me laugh.


Alpha House- Four senators (John Goodman, Mark Consuelos, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy) live together in a house in DC. I am a huge fan of political shows and Alpha House is a quirky take on the traditional political television formual. Honestly, I have been staring at this screen for 10 minutes trying to describe this show and all I could come up with was this is how I imagine how senators actually act. Check it out, just be warned it’s not appropriate for children.


Browsers- This may be my favourite of the Amazon Original Pilots. Four 20-something interns take a job at a everything website (think Huffington Post meets Gizmodo) and have to survive there first week where one of them will be fired by Friday. Bonus Points: It’s a musical. The songs are completely ridiculous (one is actually called “When I Tweet”), but are just ridiculous enough to work. As a 20-something who has no idea where her career is going most days, I am an instant fan.


Next week, the Geekling helps me review the original kids shows!

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