A TV Revolution

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Warning: This may contain spoilers. But seriously, the show has been on since September- it’s not really a spoiler at this point. However I promise not to elaborate on anything from the last few episodes. 🙂

What would you do without power & technology? Without lights, cell phones, tv, and computers? As the NBC drama Revolution nears the end of its first season, we’ve found out why the power went out, but not what caused the experiment in th e Tower to go so terribly wrong. I’m not going to go in to a detailed description of the plot (there are plenty out there), but here’s the gist: 15 years after the power went out, the United States has broken down in to 6 “areas”: the California Common Wealth, Wasteland, Plains Nation, Georgia Federation, Monroe Republic, and Texas (I was going to make a joke here, but it was too easy). Charlie Matheson and her family and friends are on a mission to stop Sebastian Monroe and his Monroe republic from gaining more power and taking over the nearby areas.

The show is the brainchild of Erik Kripke (who also created Supernatural) and he doesn’t disappoint. He does a fantastic job of constantly surprising the viewer, while not dragging anything out for too long. His ability to constantly develop the plot and keep viewers interested is more akin to a series of novels (or a cable show) than an NBC drama, and it works. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing David Lyons (Anyone else remember him as The Cape?) as the perpetually crazy and melodramatic Sebastian Monroe.

As a girl who loves dystopian literature and movies (I’m a sucker for the Hunger Games, 1984, Lord of the Flies, etc. There’s probably something very wrong/awesome with my brain), Revolution tops my list of TV escapism. I’m excited to see how the characters of the Monroe Republic develop in the final episodes of the season and in the future.

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