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Song Blog: Bastille – Pompeii

No matter how much you tried, there was no way to get away from Bastille’s Pompeii in 2014. It was on the rock stations, the pop stations, and (of course) the top 40 stations. It was released in January 2013, and it’s still in heavy rotation (at least here and Indianapolis). There’s


Song Blog: I Wanna Know What Love Is – Julie Ruin

I recently watched “The Punk Singer,” a documentary about riot grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna. (It’s on Netflix. Go watch.) And it reminded me about how much I loved Julie Ruin when I discovered it. Here was this album that had a punk rock spirit, presented in a poppy way. It turned my


Song Blog: Blink 182 – Up All Night

When I first heard Blink 182’s latest album Neighborhoods I was surprised, in all the best ways. While their self-titled release in the early 2000’s was a bit more mature than Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, they were still stuck in my head as the goofy pop-punk


Song Blog: The Wombats – 1996

I’m entering the age where I not only don’t know what’s going on with youth culture, but I am separated from it. For example, the phrase “yolo” makes me viscerally angry. I am shocked when I see questionable fashion choices from my teen years making a comeback. (ModCloth has a whole section


Song Blog: Stars – The Theory of Relativity

One of the books I’ve been reading is Songbook by Nick Hornby. It’s basically the ultimate mix tape. It’s a compilation of songs, each with a few pages detailing out why the song is one of Hornby’s favorites. It’s a very cool idea, and a fun read. I was inspired to share some