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Book Review: Beyond Addiction by Kit Rocha

Spoiler Alert: Beyond Addiction is the fifth book in the Beyond series. This review is assuming you read books 1-4, and contains some serious spoilers for those books. There are no spoilers for Beyond Addiction though. I love the Beyond series. A dystopian erotic romance featuring a bootlegging gang with hearts of


Book Review: Empire (Redemption Trilogy, Book 1)

One thing I love about ebooks is that the format allows authors to publish their books without the backing of  a strong publishing house. They allow authors to distribute and promote their work even though they have limited resources. Authors can now make those limited resources go much further. One way authors will try


Love, Actually: Sorry, But I Didn’t Love It

Spoilers, but the movie’s been out 10 years so I think we’re past the statute of limitations on spoilers. I had never really given Love, Actually much of a thought. I saw the previews when it came out, thought “wow, that has a lot of people in it” and promptly forgot about it.


5 on Friday: Alternatives to 50 Shades of Grey

When I wrote my post on tropes in romance novels, I promises you I was working on a list of alternatives to 50 Shades of Grey. Well dear readers, that day has come. I’ve read bad novel after bad novel, treadging through to find only the books I felt warranted being listed on Pure Geekery.


Tropes in Romance Novels: Enough is Enough

If my Facebook feed is any indication, the rumors for the 50 Shades of Grey movie are picking up. Personally, I think these romance novels are awful. They’re poorly written, and the characters are unlikeable. The phrase “Oh my” was used so often that George Takei did a parody. Granted, I only