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BookDigits: A GoodReads Alternative

Recently there have been more and more alternatives to GoodReads showing up. There’s the other Amazon property Shelfari. Pinterest like Riffle. Blogging platform BookLikes. Slice backed by Google’s Eric Schmidt. I’ve poked around a few of these, and nothing really has caught my attention. Not enough to switch anyway. When I saw BookDigits


Author Interview: Kea Alwang

If you’ve read my reviews of Treehugger and Risktaker, you may have noticed that I’ve become a huge fan of Kea Alwang. While meant for young adults, her books have a unique way of connecting with geek girls of all ages. She was kind of enough to spend some time talking to me


Collecting Stories: Compiling the Oral History of Women in Gaming

Through the magic of twitter, I was introduced to Lillian Cohen-Moore’s latest project to collect the stories of women in gaming (thanks to Sara from Solid Gold Eats for the tip!). Lilly was inspired by the #1ReasonWhy hashtag that was trending back in November. But while #1ReasonWhy evolved to focused on the stories


Pure Geekery Interviews: Int Eighty of Dual Core

I’ve had a few posts on here about work being a bit rough lately. I posted some of my ways of dealing with it (which kind of fizzled out entering week three). I eventually had to step down from my derby team’s roster because I couldn’t attend practice enough. I was going to