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Vital Skates: Indianapolis’s Home Grown Derby Shop

Derby skaters love their gear. Wheels (mostly). Boots. Plates. Shoestrings (you read that right). Pads. But with all the different products in the derby market, it can be hard to know what gear is the right fit (both in intended use and literal fit). Thankfully here in Indianapolis we have Vital Skates


Around Indy: Culinary Collage

At Pure Geekery, we tend to focus on the purely fun aspects of Indianapolis life. Places like bookstores, gaming cafes, and museums. But it’s important to focus on those working to make Indianapolis a better place as well, which is where Fletcher Place Community Center comes in. Fletcher Place is a faith-based


Around Indy: Game Paradise

Yesterday (April 5) was the second annual International Tabletop Day, a day designated to celebrate analog gaming. I spent the day at Game Paradise in Fountain Square celebrating Frank from QuantumFit’s birthday. Game Paradise has been on my list of places to go for a while now so I was happy to