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Cards Against Humanity: Eight Sensible Gifts For Hanukkah: Nights 1 – 3

It’s that time of year again, and Cards Against Humanity is back with another (according to them, the last they are doing) gift program.  This year we get the Eight Sensible Gifts For Hanukkah.  Being born and raised Jewish myself, I can confirm that CAH went all out with every stereotypical Jewish humor


10 Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa: Day ‘Or Whatever’

Well, this was certainly unexpected.  I received another gift in the mail from Cards Against Humanity on Saturday.  I thought maybe I counted wrong, and this was the 10th gift they sent, but after double-checking, this is definitely the 11th gift from them, which I am deeming the “Or Whatever” gift. I’ve


10 Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa Days 8-10

My final three gifts have arrived, and here is the breakdown you are looking for! Day 9 Gift (arrived 12-18-14) Day 8 Gift (arrived 12-20-14) Day 10 Gift (arrived 12-22-14)   And thus ends another quality holiday season from Cards Against Humanity.  I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve become a landowner!  Is there anything more


10 Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa Days 4-7

It’s been a week, since my original post about 10 Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa, and I have received 4 more gifts, taking me up to day 7.  It’s interesting considering that holidaybullshit.com only has up to day 5 posted.  Without further ado, here are the contents of these packages: Day 5: The Ghost


Cards Against Humanity: 10 Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa

Holiday season is here, and Cards Against Humanity is in full spirit again, this year offering 10 Days Or Whatever Of Kwanzaa!  For the slightly more expensive price than last year of $15 (vs $12 last year), I will once again be getting numerous gifts in the mail throughout the month of