Product Review: Goodr Sunglasses

We all hate ads, and how everything we do online is tracked to feed us more of them. Sometimes, the ads are so laser focused you can’t help but to click. That’s how I found Goodr sunglasses.

Goodr makes sunglasses that are designed for either running, cycling, golfing, or what they call “beast” (which is super vague with a description of those “who don’t mind getting dirty or have scrapes and bruises”). The sunglasses are designed to not slip and bounce around your head while you’re out playing. They’re priced so you’re not super worried about them at $25-$35 a pair.

Fun, cheap(ish) sunglasses made for playing in? I had to give them a try.

Woman wearing green cat-eye sunglasses while lying on patio furniture.
Nicole, Queen of Deck

The Runways

First pair of Goodr sunglasses I tried were The Runways, Goodr’s feminine cateye line. I went with the Mary, Queen of Golf model from their golf line. The fit on these is perfect.

The Runways fit snugly on my head, block light without making everything too dark. Plus, they look amazing. The only thing I don’t like about them is how much sunlight can come in peripherally. Which is a problem I have with most cateye sunglasses. These are my go-to sunglasses for everyday wear.

The OGs

Woman in kayak wearing pink sunglasses with teal lenses.
Sadly, not a booze cruise.

It’s been pretty hot here in Indianapolis lately, and I’ve been struggling with my normal sunglasses on my bike wanting to slip around my face. Since I was so happy with my Runways, I decided to give the traditionally shaped OGs a try. I ordered them in Flamingos On A Booze Cruise from the running collection, because they match my bike helmet pretty well. (Do you even bike if you’re not dressed like a Power Ranger?)

The OGs are slightly wider than the Runways, and don’t feel quite as secure on my head. Despite that, they stayed on phenomenally. I was sweating and going over bumpy terrain, and they stayed put. I did reach up to push them back a few times, but that was only because they are so light I couldn’t tell where they were on my face, and thought they may need to be pushed up. They did not.


I’d recommend these sunglasses to anyone who needs a new pair. They’re fun, comfortable, polarized, and inexpensive. Basically everything I look for in sunglasses.

Disclaimer: I purchased these sunglasses, and don’t get any sort of kickback for this post.

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