Product Review: A Record of My Vinyl

When I saw the “A Record of My Vinyl” journal on Blogging For Books I was skeptical. I keep track of my collection in Discogs, which makes it very easy to search on the go. But, sometimes it can be slow if my phone is acting up or my data signal isn’t strong. I thought this might be a nice physical copy to have on hand in that case. Plus, the design is super cute.

When I received the “A Record of My Vinyl” journal though, I realized this wouldn’t be the case. The journal is an awkward size at roughly 10″x 6″. It’s too big to carry around easily. I’d rather see it in a nice A5 size (like a medium Moleskine) or make it bigger to fit in with my collection itself. The journal gets around this issue by having a section of perforated pages for your “wish list.” These pages will tear out very easily, the action of opening the book caused one to fall out immediately in my copy.

The other big issue I had with “A Record of My Vinyl” is it would be hard to find anything in the journal. There are no page numbers. The only page you could use as an index page is the title page, the other pages are black. You could use stick-in tabs, but you would have to buy those separately.

I just can’t see a scenario where using this journal would be helpful. I think you’d be better off using a regular notebook and making the notes yourself.

Disclaimer: I got a review copy of a “A Record of My Vinyl” from

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