Book Review: The Moth Presents All These Wonders

This photo doesn’t do justice to how pretty this book is. It’s navy with god accents.

The Moth is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to storytelling. They host events with different themes and have a podcast and radio show. It comes off to me as TED meets StoryCorps. When I requested The Moth Presents All These Wonders, I had no idea what The Moth was. I just saw it was a collection of stories from different authors. Including authors I already enjoy like Louis CK and Tig Notaro, and a foreword written by Neil Gaiman. That was enough to pull me in.

The stories in All These Wonders are amazing. They’re from a whole range of people, from high school students to Holocaust survivors. There are stories from a survivor of the Fukushima disaster, stories from immigrants (that hit a bit harder right now), stories of people struggling with their faith. I love anthologies like this because it broadens my horizons to authors I might not have found otherwise.

This is one of the rare times I can recommend a book to most people. With the variety of stories, you’re bound to find something in there of interest to you.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of The Moth Presents All These Wonders for review from Blogging For Books. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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