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Back in November, I wrote about how I’m getting more interested in audiobooks. After which a friend messaged me asking for my favorite audiobook source. If one person had that question I’m sure more of you do as well. These are my two primary sources, now that Shelfie is shutting down:

The Library

The library is the first place I check for books most of the time anyway, so going there for audiobooks is the natural place to start. My library offers two digital solutions, Hoopla and Overdrive, which allows for easy downloading and listening. There’s also books on CD which are less convenient, but a great option if the title isn’t available for digital checkout.

Kindle Audible Narration

I list this instead of Kindle itself, because most of the time I don’t want to pay the cost associated with audiobooks. Since Amazon owns both properties, you can often get the audiobook for a fraction of the price if you own the Kindle edition. One place this really comes in handy is classic literature. You can “buy” the Kindle book for $0.00, and you get the Audible narration for a few dollars since you own the book. Also, if you check out a library Kindle book Amazon thinks you own it. Hint, hint.

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