3D Printer Update

Back in April I told you about my new 3D printing hobby. I figure some of you might be considering giving a 3D printer as a gift this holiday, so an update might be helpful.

Spoiler alert: I still love it.


All the mods are pink, naturally.

All the mods are pink, naturally.

I’ve modified my printer since you’ve seen it last. The screws kept coming loose, making it shake like a cheap table. So I printed out some supports to make it more rigid. I installed a nicer feed gear. I added, and removed, a glass bed. (It was more trouble than it was worth). And there are more updates I can do if I so choose. Things like a better cooler fan, and an upgraded extruder. This gives me plenty of room to grow in the hobby, without having to invest in a higher end machine. It’s also very satisfying to make these changes myself, and see the better results that I get from them.


I have a total of 15 designs on Thingiverse now, mostly different things I wanted to put on the pegboard in my workshop. I’ve also printed several designs from others for the pegboard as well. It’s a good example of why I love 3D Printing. I can get exactly thing I need. And with as picky as I am, it makes me super happy to be able to do this.


As I said before, I still love 3D printing. Some of the novelty has worn off of course, but there’s still so much to learn that it is still keeping my interest. I’m looking forward to playing with some more exotic filaments, and the challenges they’ll present. NinjaFlex is up next. And I really want to try the wood infused filament as well. I’ll of course keep you all updated.


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