Press Release: PDX Broadsides Set Release Date for “Aim To Misbehave”

pdx-broadsides-aim-to-misbehaveThe PDX Broadsides, a “nerd folk” band from Portland OR, have announced May 26 as the release date for their second album, Aim To Misbehave. On that day, fans will be able to purchase the CD of geeky songs on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Aim To Misbehave covers a wide range of topics from the Firefly-inspired title track to BASIC programming, from the humorous barbarian advice column “Best In Life” to the introspective “The Story of Me,” based on Dr. Mary Pipher’s book “Reviving Ophelia.” The tracks were chosen from fan favorites at performances including Norwescon, Rose City Comicon, and NerdNightOut.

“The Story of Me” features a guest appearance on cello by Aubrey Webber from the popular nerd folk band The Doubleclicks.

Fans purchasing the album on Bandcamp will also receive a live bonus track, “Nathan Fillion (Please Take Off Your Pants),” recorded at Conflikt Filk Convention last January.

The PDX Broadsides, a three-year-old band, have the experience to back up their songs: Jessica Hebert is a Reproductive Biology PhD candidate at Portland State University and serves as shantymistress for the local pirate troupe PDXYAR. Hollyanna McCollom is the author of the Moon Guide to Portland and works with the costume and prop fabrication organization Alter Egos Society. Christian Lipski was Portland’s foremost comics journalist and served as a judge for the comics industry’s Eisner Awards.

Note From Nicole: Special bonus track aside, I always recommend going to Bandcamp to order your music whenever possible. Downloads are DRM Free and high quality (FLAC and ALAC is often available). Plus, Bandcamp allows artists to keep more of the money. I don’t get any kickback from Bandcamp for telling you this (I only get a kickback from Amazon purchases), it’s just a legitimately good service.

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