Book Review: Greyhound

greyhoundWhen Nicole sent me the recommendation for Greyhound last week, I was both a) intrigued, because the tape on the cover reminded me of Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park, and b) concerned, because the tape on the cover reminded me of Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park

…and let’s face it. Once you read Rainbow Rowell, it’s reeeeeeally hard to follow her up.

But, Steffan Piper has a winner here. The themes start out similarly with the terrible (ok, nonexistent) parenting and lack of money. And there is a bus…but in this book, it’s a Greyhound. You are going to be immediately infuriated when you start turning the pages, and prepare to stay that way for awhile. I wanted to call the cops. I wanted to call CPS. I wanted to do ANYTHING but let that poor 11 year old boy get on that bus by himself.

Obviously, this is a book that will illicit a VERY emotional reaction right away. That never stops, either. Sebastian is travelling from California to Pennsylvania, so as you can imagine, he finds all sorts of people and trouble and adventures on the way. The journey, while long for a roadtrip, is still a bit too short for a coming of age story, but he does learn more about life than he ever knew before.

I was surprised to see that this was published in 2010. More people should be paying attention to this author. Anyone who can get this much emotional reaction from me (and I can be pretty jaded when it come to emotional reads sometimes) deserves to be read. Go pick up this book ASAP!

You can pick up the Kindle Edition of Greyhound for $3.99, it’s also part of Kindle Unlimited (audio book included with Kindle Unlimited.)

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